Generosity Monk provides biblical teaching for the Church, spiritual counsel for stewards and professional advice for leaders to encourage Christian generosity.

Biblical Teaching for the Church

Generosity Monk is prepared to preach sermons, to teach seminars and to help church leaders move beyond offering basic stewardship training to creating a culture of generosity in their local congregation.

Spiritual Counsel for Stewards

Generosity Monk desires to serve stewards of Jesus Christ by providing spiritual counsel for individuals and couples to help them grasp biblical stewardship principles and develop a generous and holistic stewardship portfolio.

Professional Advice for Leaders

Generosity Monk can assess your fundraising program, help you map out a plan to encourage generous giving among your constituencies and provide coaching for ministry leaders who desire to help people grow in the grace of giving.


This site outlines the spiritual and strategic services offered by the Generosity Monk. In addition, you can freely download stewardship resources, subscribe to a daily RSS feed called Meditations as well as a weekly posting called Stewardship Matters. For more information or if you have any questions, call the Generosity Monk today.

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Encouraging Christian Generosity

Generosity Monk

is committed to serving the Church by providing spiritual and strategic guidance to help people understand and practice biblical generosity.